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Emmanuelle evangelizes with her chocolate

Updated: Dec 29, 2023

Good morning witness of CHRIST ! May we have a child's faith. A sincere faith daily based on GOD. Last weekend I met Emmanuelle. She communicates with joy, originality and frankness the Word and its testimony.

Psalms 119 : 105 " TThy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path." __ GOD loves you. He show you the way, follows. "

Rendez-vous le 09 décembre pour le Quiz EDAH !

*** Hi Emmanuelle, could you in few words introduce yourself ?

My name is Emmanuelle. I am thirty-five years old and a young mother of four. Before I was a young Catholic woman, believer but not practicing, broken and bound by pain. My life was far from glorious. It's amazing how the enemy uses suffering to blind the world. I came to CHRIST in October 2019, baptized in The HOLY SPIRIT in November, and baptized by immersion on February 28, 2020. I am a woman of character in whom GOD has put a child's heart. I'm whole and passionate. I love to give love and receive while being this determined and courageous woman who will go for it and do what needs to be done based on the fact that GOD trusts me.

*** How did you meet the LORD ?

When we talk about my conversion, we talk about "resurrection." I had reached a point of no return in my life. It was only his hand that could bring me back. Get me out of the pit where I was. I was terrified of what I was going through at that time. I turned to religion and along the way GOD revealed himself to me with an overwhelming love.

He brought me back to Him through the group "Parle de Lui (Talk about Him) ", brothers and sisters with the heart of CHRIST. Before, I had open Bibles all over the house, but I didn't really read them. We started praying. I discovered what intimacy is with GOD. I learned JESUS is a living person, that the HOLY SPIRIT is a living person and I began to see the hand of GOD in my life. I fell in love.

***You created Les chocolats Orijin', how did you get the idea ?

I really have no glory. GOD did it all. He started whispering "chocolates with a verse". But I didn't write my visions. Twice, however, I had come across teachings about "the importance of noting the ideas GOD gives". Driven by the HOLY SPIRIT with the help of my precious Veronique, I decided to write what God put in my heart. From the moment I started doing it, the whole project started to take shape. GOD actually did everything I'm just his little hands. Things came naturally afterward intimacy with the HOLY SPIRIT is decisive. He gave directions, I set them up. Of course, I made mistakes. Sometimes I missed the humility of waiting for his endorsement at his feet rather than rushing. Sometimes the flesh took over. When that happens, you notice it very quickly.

***Why " Orijin " ?

Because the origin of all things is the Word of GOD. "At the beginning was the Word...." (John 1:1) and "In the beginning, GOD created the heavens and the earth." (Genesis 1:1). Our chocolates share the JESUS-CHRIST Word, the origin of everything. As a bonus, a nod of God's tenderness to my Caribbean origin because it is written in Creole.

***Were you supported at the beginning?

I wasn't supported by my family at first. But my PDL family, my friends David and Sharon from Victoire Live have been very supportive. GOD even put non-believers around me like Cathy who carried me and loved me despite her position facing GOD. I have great people who support me. GOD even touched the heart of my banker. Now it's different with my family, they saw the hand of GOD in this project. My mother was one of my first clients. With the past I had, it was difficult to trust me. They were reluctant. This lack of support hurt me at first. I was told, "But you're not serious! You're an employee, we're in containment, and you want to start your company ? "

I stayed on the course by telling myself GOD trusts me, and He knows what He does. I was also very supported by my spiritual father Hugues DANGLADES. No forget our Christian entrepreneurs (PDL) group. For me, it's more than a band, it's a family. We receive their support and advice with kindness and love. I could not count the number of hours, during sisters listened to me and prayed for me. They've been there every step of the way. Even today I benefit from their support. You would have told me in June that I was going to sell chocolates in September. I wouldn't have listened to you. For me, I was going to keep my sales job at Victoire Live. I loved my job. The idea came in two weeks. On the first of August, I was a self-employed (entrepreneur).

You started your business in full confinement ! Wow ! I'm still wondering if it was an act of faith or obedience. May GOD be praised !

Looking back what is the lesson?

Never underestimate GOD nor the quality to put when He gives a project. When GOD gives the vision, He gives the provision. Gold and silver belong to him. If He gives you a project in hand, you really should not hesitate to invest well and do the right thing by aiming for a high end.

***What if you told us about chocolates?

Les chocolats Orijin' are very high-end chocolates with exceptional cocoa. They are not industrial chocolates. The production is artisanal with real recipes and packaging by hand. Our boxes are decorated with hand-made illustrations by Christian artists. The chocolate maker and I are always lookouts for excellence. At first, I wondered if people would buy our products. But as soon as you are sure of your product, and your LORD, these fears have no place.

Les chocolats Orijin' before being a business is an evangelistic ministry. Buying our chocolates is a militant act. 10% of our income is donated to charity (non-profit organazation). Each chocolate comes with a verse and a phrase of encouragement. We deliver everywhere. Several formats are available and the verses are available in French, English and, Spanish. It's love in all forms.

***Your advice for those who want to start?

We tend to look at our abilities and at the numbers written on our bank account. But this is not the right thing to do. Be careful, I do not encourage anyone to lack wisdom and squander their resources! You have to take the time to develop your project in the short, medium, and long term.

1. Take GOD seriously and do not be afraid to position yourself on something well done, or very high end. Offer the best to touch and impact this world.

2. Intimacy with GOD is paramount. You built your business first in the secret place. Everything starts from the inside. I bless the people who taught me this. Take the time to ask Him for everything, every step, no matter how small. You will have the impression it's wasting your time, but it is not. It's better to take time in prayer than to spend two weeks redoing your orders, redoing your packaging, or sending them back because they are not good. If the HOLY SPIRIT tells you not to work with a person, He knows why. I have no glory in this business, I am GOD's employee. Having this humility allows GOD to manage this business. I don't worry about anything. He connects me with the right people. He guides me on the right paths. He makes the right choices.

*** What motivates you everyday ?

The moment when people discover the Word of their chocolate. That's when you realize the anointing in the Word. You have to live it to understand. They open the package and that's just wow! The taste is stunning, the flavors delicious and the message directly touches the heart. You experienced it. I had a prayer saying, "LORD what You have done in my life, I so want You to do it in other's lives. I want your Word to come into every mouth." And He did it literally. Oh, I love it my Daddy! There is so much more than people can imagine. I didn't even know how to create a brand of chocolate. When we truly give our life to Him, He makes it wonderful.

***What is the last book of the Bible you read?

The book of Ezekiel. The first book I read was Job, but my favorite is the Gospels. I like to observe the way the HOLY SPIRIT works through us.

Thank you Emmanuelle. Thanks for your availability, your frankness, and above all thank you for daring. I come out of our exchange boosted and comforted. Your testimony breaks the theories of business schools and confirms that GOD is the master of times and circumstances. GOD bless you.


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