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"Steadfast love and truth and faithfulness meet together; Righteousness and peace kiss each other."  __ Psalms 85:10 (AMP)

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Good morning and welcome, beloved!

Thank you for your interest in  *   Love meets Faith, Truth makes them sit,

and *  Love Truth Faith  

Inspired by the Bible, I share advice, encouragement, teachings, interviews, prayers and testimonies. I would like through this platform, to help and encourage you, to know the truth,  grow in the truth, walk in the faith and flourish in the love of GOD.  I will be happy to see you fulfill your destiny, and put the right words on your past, your present and your future.

Pushed by the LORD, I founded   Partage Ton Rhema .   An association dedicated to making known the Truth of JESUS CHRIST and the testimonies of his love. We give books for free and share on social networks excerpts from books of those who yesterday and today are writing history with JESUS.

My name is Simone-Christelle (Simtelle), Cameroonian, living in France since 2011. I accepted JESUS as Savior at eight years old, but it was 2013 that I recognized him as LORD (confers my article "I didn't have adults' words, but my prayers mattered).


I am: 

  • I am bilingual in French and English,

  • Graduated in Business Administration and Financial Audit. But, I work mainly in management control and financial control. My LinkedIn account : Simone Christelle NgoMakon.

  • Graduate of Impact International Bible School (IEBI).

  • Certified Destiny Training Academy coach and mentor  (Ask Dr Faith Program).

  • Counselor certified by Kingsley and Mildred Okonkwo.

  • Student at the International School of Ministry .

  • Introverted, passionate about coaching, teaching, intercession, prophetic and, investment. 

My values are Truth - Love - Simplicity - Commitment - Balance .

 I would say about myself :  

  • I chose JESUS and his Word  (Logos, Dabar, Emeth, Rhema & Aletheia) .

  • Whatever happens, I sing Hallelujah and say Thank you.

  • I ask for knowledge of the LORD and for simplicity.

  • I don't stop learning, I'm on the move.

  • My favorite verses are: Psalms 119:105; Romans 10;17; John 8:32; John 14:6, Ecclesiastes 12:16, John 11:25, Jeremiah 1:5; Psalms 103:2; Psalms 92:13-16; Colossians 2:7 and Psalms 85:11.


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