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Faith Anne Doumbia created a christian marketplace.

Updated: Jul 8, 2023

Hello loved by GOD ! May wisdom, intelligence and humility be your sharing.

I am one of those who celebrate small beginnings and learn from each other's journeys. Recently, I had the joy to meet Faith Doumia, a young French entrepreneur, creator of the marketplace Hosanna's World.

Make a commitment to grow dailly. " John C. Maxwell

*** Faith could you say something about yourself ?

I was born into a Muslim family. I left my parents' house at nineteen with five euros in my pocket and a prayer mat. I was first hosted by a friend, then by a cousin and finally I received the support of social workers. They helped me get my first housing, my university enrollment. At the dawn of my 20th birthday, I had my first apartment and all the responsibilities of an adult woman (some were size), unfortunately, the scholarship and the help of the ESA wasn't enough to last the month, so I had to make a decision between continuing at university and working or just working.

With the HOLY SPIRIT's help, I was able to continue my studies alternately to be where I am today. From the outside, many would say it's because I have a strong character but in reality, it's not. Sometimes I lack self-confidence, I avoid conflicts and confrontations as much as possible (I tend to run away from them because it affects me a lot). Season after season the LORD forces me to face. So I learn to cope better and especially take a step back especially when I face jealous people. In my daily life, I like reading, traveling, helping people, and sharing.

*** How did you meet the LORD ?

Friends, and especially a classmate in a business school, brought me to JESUS. I was in a difficult time in my life, although very religious and practicing, I wanted to wear the headscarf but at the same time, doubt about GOD and his existence were setting due to difficulties I encountered. My friend knew it. One day while we were talking she prophesied that in less than 3 months I will be converted to Christianity. I have to admit, I just laughed and ignored her sentence. Afterward, she invited me to a youth meeting at her church. I went with the hope of finding a solution to my problems but not of meeting JESUS (laughs).

That day the pastor preached and at the end, there was a question and answer time. I asked my question about the dreams I kept having, and he replied: “Come to me, all of you who are tired and burdened, and I will give you rest.” (Mat 11:28) At the moment, the sentence made me good and the pastor asked me if I wanted to give my life to JESUS. I said "yes" but without conviction. For the record, the LORD has always spoken to me in dreams. Many years before, I had a dream that I was walking through a church and there was a glass of water. When I woke up I started to cry and said that I would never convert. Then there had been this dream where an old man dressed in white with a white beard came to my house to talk to me. As he spoke, the scenery changed. From a minaret, we have moved on to a simple landscape. When he finished speaking, I went out, and there the land was dry, and I saw myself leaving this land. When I woke up, I hadn't quite understood. I understood the dream few years later. Although my conversion was done spiritually first, I must admit that the physical conversion was done lightly but today, I do not regret anything and if it had to be done again, I will do it again without hesitation. But with more seriousness (lol).

***You created the company Faith Hosanna consulting and the market place Hosanna Word. Could you tell us more ?

Faith Hosanna's Consulting offers support in management, strategy, and digital positioning. Hosanna Word is a Christian marketplace open to all. I hung around before starting this company. The LORD pushed me. I was insecure, I was looking to my abilities instead of looking to GOD. But I wanted to give a testimony to the world that it's possible to start from nothing and get away with GOD. My wish is what GOD has done for me, and what He is doing with me, will inspire other young people. I'm not called to the ministry of the Word (at least to this day), but I am sure it's my ministry in the secular world because it is said in Haggai 2: 8 "The silver is mine, and the gold is mine, saith the LORD of hosts." I believe in the transfer of wealth but above all in the fact that I, his daughter, I must bring this wealth to his house as He says in Malachi 3:10 "Bring ye all the tithes into the storehouse, that there may be meat in mine house, and prove me now herewith, saith the LORD of hosts, if I will not open you the windows of heaven, and pour you out a blessing, that there shall not be room enough to receive it." These tithes are not for me but for the Father and this food is for the whole community. The success of Faith Hosanna Consulting is the success of the whole community and this is how the glory of the Father will be revealed to the world.

**** Why « Faith » and « hosanna » ?

These two words sum up my story. Everything I am, I owe to GOD. It's Faith walking forward with Hosanna. Hosanna made the Faith people see today. The potter shapes his vase to perfection I think (lol)

*** You have an MBA in web marketing strategy and communication projects; a Master 2 in management and business strategies. You are bilingual (French & English). You worked in several companies in France and elsewhere, in particular for more than a year at Amazon in Ireland. When I look at your background, I have the impression that you have always prepared yourself to create your company. Is this the case?

If I look closely, from my 19 years to now, GOD was certainly preparing me, and He is still preparing me today. I learned to manage five euros, to do with what I had and so on. Gold and silver belong to the LORD. But for gold and silver to be in the hands of Kingdom's children, we must stand up.

*** Did you encounter bullying or obstacles when you started ?

Oh yes and I meet it against. I was not prepared for that. I have often been looked down upon and jealous, even within my own family. I tried to escape. I was very emotional. Now I turn to LORD and persevere. If the devil doesn't know how to attack you directly, he tries to go through people. I learned not to rely on people's recognition, but on GOD.

*** What is the last book you read ?

Currently, I am reading 360 degree leadership by John C. Maxwell. In this book, he leads you to question yourself and understand that you are not perfect.

*** What is your advice to those who want to embark on or start projects?

Trust in yourself and in the LORD. Not trusting GOD is disobedience, it is delaying your life and the blessings of those who are attached to your life. Have confidence in yourself. Stand firm. Ask questions. Take advice (don't do the know-it-all, that's a terrible flaw, and it's a shame because you are depriving yourself), watch those who are there before you but don't be discouraged. Use reviews to improve what you do.

*** Thank you Faith, thank you for your availability, your smile, and your sincerity. You are the first person I interview, and truly I am delighted and honored by this meeting. GOD bless you. For the record, she shared a lot more than what is written and insisted on praying for me at the end of the interview



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