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Norohanitra Emmanuelle cooks malagasy

Updated: Feb 19

Salama testimony of kindness. Bi wua testimony of audacity. Whatever you hear, know that the last word is to the LORD. GOD celebrates your progress more than your victories. So those who celebrate your beginnings do more than those who applaud your exploits. Myriam Vanderbroucque (founder of Core Succes) says "An authentic brand is revealed, not created. For it is from the abundance of the heart that the mouth speaks." As a corollary, authentic people make authentic brands. Today I receive the beloved Ramalanjaona Norohanitra Emmanuelle. An interview would not be enough to tell everything. But undoubtedly this one will encourage us to cultivate a value very dear to me: simplicity.

'For the LORD GOD, the Holy One of Israel has said this,“In returning [to Me] and rest you shall be saved, In quietness and confident trust is your strength.” But you were not willing, ____ (Isaiah 30:15, AMP)

** Good morning Emmanuelle

Good morning Simone-Christelle,

** Who are you  ?

On social networks, I am a caterer. For my part, I am a daughter of GOD, wife, and housewife (mother at home) who offers home-cooked meals for delivery. Norohanitra Emmanuelle are my first names. Ramalanjaona is the name of my husband, with whom I have three wonderful daughters. We are Malagasy and reside in France for a decade.

** I like the way you point out the difference between your roles and your identity. How did you meet the LORD?

My aunt said that I answered the call to Salvation at the age of seven, after the broadcast of a film on JESUS, my mother who was doing the message for the children asked me who wanted to accept her as LORD and SAVIOR. It seems I raised my hand. But I have absolutely no recollection of it, but my aunt tells me that that day I had a different face.

I was born into a half-Christian family (mother very devoted to JESUS, father in the world). I did not have a personal relationship with the LORD, but I went to Sunday and Saturday school regularly to learn the Word. And I went a lot to the Christian camp organized by the church. My mother really loved JESUS. When she died, as the eldest, I had to be a second mother to my little brothers. In front of them, I seemed strong, but inside It was bad: sadness, rejection, humiliation, and so on. My father tried to drown his sorrows in alcohol. 4 years later, in 2004, I met Nathalie, staying in Madagascar as part of a Christian mission in favor of children.

I share with her my worries and sadness, GOD made her the big sister that I had never had. We prayed together. I don't remember what exactly at that time, but three years ago, she found the notebook in which our prayer topics were written. Among other things: I will come to France one day. GOD has done much more, I am in France, in the same city as her, and she was the mistress of my eldest daughter. In the meantime, I continued to have one foot in the world and one foot in the church. Not really anchored in CHRIST. In 2011 my husband left Madagascar to settle in France. The same year my father died. I wonder what my life will become. I had stifled the child's grief for so long to take on the role of the second mother. I was sad. GOD was gracious and allowed me to join my husband a month after he left! I landed in Bordeaux, which I had to leave to come to Chartres. It is when I arrive at Chartes (Nathalie's town) that I definitely commit to following Him. I was greeted by wonderful people in this city. Their church has become my church

** Blessed be she. And the baptism of the HOLY SPIRIT ?

It happened suddenly. I did not particularly ask the HOLY SPIRIT. I was thinking of it for a while, as it was for me s the "next level". One morning, I was smoothing my hair while watching a show on the gift of speaking in tongues on the Christian channel EMCI TV. Suddenly, I felt a need to speak, and I started to speak in tongues. As simply as I speak to you. It was December 17th, 2019. I will never forget that date.

** Hallelujah! How did you come up with the idea of offering your dishes?

I have been a stay-at-home mom since our marriage. My husband had no problem with it, but I would mind seeing him take care of the family on his own. I was starting to develop complexes. I wanted to work. To have enough to make gifts, to support associations, while continuing to take care of my family. One day my husband said "Your dishes are delicious, why don't you offer them? The project Fy du soleil aux papilles (From the sun to the taste buds) was born three years later. I enrolled in a training course in business creation and just after I started.

**Why Fy du soleil aux papilles  (From the sun to the taste buds)?

FY is a Malagasy word for which is succulent, delicious. "From the sun to the taste buds" in reference to the island of Madagascar, at the same time, the sun announces the heat, the light, the life, the hope, the renewal, all that we find in JESUS

** How could we order your dishes ?

I receive orders through my Facebook page. I deliver in my city within a radius of 15 to 20 km. Those who live outside come to receive their orders.

** Do you plan to have a website ?

Yes, but not immediately. I will sign up for food delivery sites, but first and foremost I let the LORD leads me. I'm grateful for where I am and know that at the right time I'll be where I need to be. I don't want to cut corners. It's one thing to cook great food; it's another to run a business.

** Your advice for those who want to start a project?

Believe in GOD and don't be afraid to start small resources. GOD knows our potentials and knows when to put them into practice, we just have to let Him guide us. During the training in business creation, I was constantly despised by a trainer. He felt that I was out of place and that my business plan was not ambitious enough. "A microenterprise is not a real business", he said. Others had great ideas and big plans. I am thirty-six years old and have been a housewife since my marriage. Hearing such words hurts a lot. One day, I left the training after yet another humiliation. I cried out to GOD and denounced his behavior to the school principal. Surprisingly, I was the first of the group to launch my project. I started my "micro-enterprise" without debt, without advertising, and without professional equipment. I pray, I cook, and GOD brings the customers. I pray for every delivery (sometimes I forget) that GOD will bless the customers' food. I buy material gradually. My husband wants to buy me professional equipment, but I want the company to self-finance its investments.

** May GOD bless your husband. What's the last book you read?

Best of all books, the Bible!

** What associations do you support?

They are Christian associations, whose values are in line with mine. I am the general secretary of one.

Au-delà des limites (Beyond limits), an association supported by my assembly, against the early marriage of young girls in Senegal, promised from an early age to men who are their father's age. The association educates girls and supports them to become independent women. In addition, helps parents generate income to repay the dowry.

Divine Madagascar (Fb page), an association working with single mothers and children suffering from retinoblastoma or heart disease. It organizes and takes care of medical evacuations.

Compassion Madagascar (Fb page), Malagasy association providing medical care for children from poor families and helping the underprivileged a lot. Among others, children suffering from famine in the southern part of Madagascar. It's a multitasking association, where they can help, they help.

Thanks Emmanuelle. Thank you for choosing authenticity and simplicity. You are undoubtedly a quiet force. Your testimony reminds us that sometimes, it is through those around us that GOD answers our prayers, and we win battles by continuing to do what GOD asks us to do. May our FATHER bless your marriage, your home, and your business. May you prosper in all respects and be in excellent health every day of your life.

** Salama = Good morning malagasy (Madagascar)

** Bi wua = Good morning Mende (Sierra Leone)



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