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Sometimes it takes a little to inspire

Updated: Feb 11

Habari ya Asubuhi sons and daughters of the Kingdom. May you on this day receive the conviction to do what GOD asks you to do.

Romans 1 : 16 (KJ)For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth; to the Jew first, and also to the Greek."

A few years ago, I held a fixed-term position in a structure. In my last week, I decided to take up the challenge of praying before eating in a public place for 5 days consecutive days. Pray calmly without bothering our neighbors, but really pray. As I like calm, I chose to take my lunch breaks outside the company in a restaurant. The idea was to assume our faith and to take quality time in a public space.

The first two days quite frankly I was a little embarrassed. I prayed in a rush so as not to attract attention. Like "FATHER, thank you for this meal may it be hallowed, In the name of JESUS, Amen." The second day was fine but it was not yet. From the third, I was at ease, I no longer paid attention to people's eyes. On the fifth day something wonderful happened. É I bowed my head over the meal, silently I prayed taking my time. I really took my time. I wanted to thank the HOLY SPIRIT for my last day. Since it was the last day, I was determined to " kill the shame ".

When I lifted my head, an Arab family was looking at me smiling. The father took the hand of his wife and their children. He started to pray. Two young girls seated in front of me put down their sandwiches to pray too. For almost 10 minutes, there was a soft silence in the room. Something was emerging in the atmosphere.

No, beloved, I will not pretend that the whole hall has started to pray. Obviously, people were watching us, but whatever. At the end of my meal, getting up to leave, the Arab couple on my right calls out to thank me and tell me that they are Christians. Seeing me praying gave them the courage to do the same in the restaurant.

Through them, I had received a lesson for life. Very often we want to accomplish great things, do great things. We are waiting for great occasions, great moments, great challenges. However, it takes little to be an instrument of GOD and inspire others. Let's be simple. Some do not need big words or big miracles.



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