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We all matter

Updated: Mar 30

Boker tov (בוקר טוב) the one to whom a favor has been given. Shalom Aleikhem the one GOD strengthens.

2 Corinthiens 10 : 17 (LS) “ But he that glorieth, let him glory in the LORD."

GOD loves us all without exception, with eternal love. In front of Him, there is no respect for anyone (Romans 2:11). And JESUS shed his blood for all, without distinction. Consciously or unconsciously, parents may prefer certain children. GOD on the other hand does not. He loves us with equal love. We are equal in his eyes, but very often his favors are distributed fairly (not equally). Why? Because we don't have the same needs, mission, purpose, or maturity.

In his eyes, we are all important. We each have a destiny to accomplish, a race to run. So all destinies are important, I would even say that there are no small destinies. There are destinies accomplished, races unfinished, more or less famous men and women.

I am aware that this statement is not everyone's opinion. There are those who think some destinies are big and others small. I'm not trying to convince them. One thing is certain, the Bible does not contradict itself. There are no contradictions in the Word, there are only contexts and times. Whether destiny is "great" or "small" what matters is to complete your course: to accomplish the works prepared in advance by the FATHER and to keep the faith.

Since " Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning. " (James 1:17), it is impossible to impress Him or surprise Him with our exploits. He is who enables us to do it. GOD is not unfair. A person with two talents who has completely fulfilled his destiny and kept the faith will have a better place than one with five talents who has done only the minimum during his lifetime. Instead of measuring ourselves against one another, we should be concerned with being what He expects us, doing what He expects of us where He wants.

Beloved, you have no reason to have an inferiority or superiority complex. In many assemblies, women are encouraged to hold different roles, not be afraid to speak, to evangelize, undertake, occupy important positions, to use all the graces, talents, and ideas GOD poured into them. And I completely subscribe to this vision.

But I am aware that when this encouragement is given with imbalance or awkwardness, it becomes devastating.

I have seen women devastated after following certain messages because they did not recognize themselves in the "woman leadership's standards" of churches located in free territory by those who have always had the choice, carry several hats, made prestigious studies, and met JESUS in their youth. Those to whom, they have said if you are not "this" or doing "that' then you are nothing. I have also met some great people, full of good intentions, who hurt many every time they make their testimony a gospel word. A testimony proves what GOD is capable of, but in no way establishes that it is only in this way that GOD operates. I, too, have certainly made this mistake. JESUS was conceived by the HOLY SPIRIT, but Mary didn't make it a doctrine. To be honest, a few years back, I quickly grew annoyed with those whose aspirations boiled down to being married, having children, a good salary, and a nice house. Yes, I too want these graces, but JESUS shed his blood for far more than that.

Today I relativize. I have less pride, I have learned to look beyond my surroundings. I dissociate cultural contexts, social contexts, present truths, and established Truth. I realize that if Yokébed, Séphorah, Schiphrah, Pua, Déborah, Esther, Anne, Mary, Prisca, Evodie, Appiah, Lydie and Junia Lydie and Junia hadn't played their part, we wouldn't be there. Jochebed did not see an angel when Moses was born. How many lives have been preserved by Shiphrah, Pua, Deborah, and Esther? Mary was neither a prophetess nor an executive in a multinational enterprise. She had neither title nor companies. Yet to her and to Joseph, GOD the FATHER entrusted what He had most precious: JESUS. She carried the LORD of lords. Not once has she claimed honors or titles.

In conclusion, whatever you do, never forget that it is for his glory. Whether the multitude despises or celebrates you, glorify yourself in the LORD. Remember we all matter, we all are important, precious. GOD bless you.



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