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1001 Prayer Topics: #6 - Counterfeit and Falsified Drugs

Wa yėm bè sentinel! May GOD multiply his favors to you (Psalms 116:14)! May knowledge, understanding and discernment of the FATHER's will be your portion. If you have not yet done so, may JESUS baptize you with the HOLY SPIRIT and fire (Luke 3:16). I will be happy to share your prayer topics 🙂 Write to me and I will publish yours.

A counterfeit drug is a product whose composition and active ingredients do not meet the scientific and/or state standards of the countries in which it is produced or marketed (identification, composition, dosage, production, control tests, packaging, labeling, conservation, various information, etc.). If the drug does not meet the standards, it can be dangerous, because it offers no guarantee of quality, safety, or effectiveness. A falsified drug is a product that is deliberately misleading as to its identity, composition, source, or date of manufacture.

Drugs are designed to cure and prevent diseases. But some people, possessed by the love of money, authorize, produce, or market counterfeit and falsified medicines. All types of medicines are concerned. From cancer to diabetes, AIDS, malaria, contraceptives, vaccines, and antibiotics. The criminals are no longer content with counterfeiting and falsifying drugs. Medical devices are also targeted (prostheses, contact lenses, syringes, etc.). Every day, thousands of children and adults die because of these products.

In addition, there is the pressure of lobbies (interest and influence groups) from industrialized countries on developed and developing countries. The pharmaceutical industry supports states and international organizations in the fight against falsified and counterfeit medicines. But this same industry, composed of pharmaceutical laboratories and biotechnology companies:

  • Control information about their products: there are fewer and fewer neutral and independent opinions.

  • Pay researchers and doctors to promote and prescribe their drugs.

  • Give generous gifts to representatives of the people to pass laws and grant authorizations in their favor.

Each year, nearly one hundred drugs join the list of medicines (including vaccines) to be withdrawn from sale. Months and years can go by between the publication of these lists and the actual withdrawal of these medicines from hospitals, pharmacies, military camps, and the stocks of international associations and NGOs. It is estimated that the traffic of fake medicines brings in nearly two hundred billion dollars for traffickers. But who estimates how much money is made from the sale of medicines to be withdrawn? Why is it that even though they are banned in some countries, they continue to be legally sold in others?

Truly I tell you, whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven. Again, I tell you truly that if two of you on the earth agree about anything you ask for, it will be done for you by My Father in heaven. For where two or three gather together in My name, there am I with them.” (Matthew 18:18-20, Berean Standard Bible)

It is written, " The heavens are the heavens of the LORD, but he has given the earth to the sons of men." (Psalms 115:16, Louis Segond 1910)

I propose that we agree to ask, declare, command, proclaim, bind, and loose. The agreement is on the subject of prayer, not the type of prayer. Our objective is not to pray, but to allow divine interventions. You are free to choose a different type of prayer than the one chosen in this article. You are also free to rephrase my sentences. I pray that GOD will share his will with you and that faith will precede your words. Pray in tongues and in intelligence, alternate between the two.

  • Proclaim that GOD alone is LORD, ask for his kingdom and his will.

  • Ask him to help you pray: it is his will. GOD does not answer eloquence or emotions. He answers faith.

  • Give thanks in advance, for it is a grace and a privilege to be an instrument in his hands.

  • Take authority, over the place where you are, and forbid all distractions and demonic interference during this time.

  • Remind your soul and creation that you are in CHRIST. If the devil and the demons have the bad idea to tell you that you are not anointed to speak, quote the Word (Matthew 18: 18-20 + Psalms 115:16 + any verse that comes to mind). Stay on the word, don't let them distract you from the goal. Don't worry, JESUS is with you and the angels respond to the words of CHRIST.

  • Pray in tongues and keep quoting the word (Matthew 18:18-20 + Psalms 115:16 + any verse that comes to mind).

  • Let the controls be reinforced and the seizures multiplied.

  • That the traffickers be arrested and their laboratories closed. That the sanctions are severe and exemplary.

  • That the medical and national authorities can freely and fully exercise their functions.

  • That the national authorities receive the resources they need.

  • That the pharmaceutical industry is obliged to publish how much it spends on lobbying or interest representation.

  • Speak out about your city and your country.

  • May GOD remember you and your home. We declare, in the name of JESUS, that neither we, nor our ascendants and descendants will be victims of these poisons.

  • Amen.

** Wa yėm bè = Good morning in Bafia language (Cameroon)

*** I identify 14 types of prayer in the Bible : The prayer of praise and thanksgiving, the Worship prayer, the prayer of faith, the prayer of agreement, the prayer of petition, the prayer of consecration, the prayer of intercession, the prayer of blessing, declaration and proclamation, the prayer of imprecation, of authority, more often called the warfare prayer or deliverance prayer, the prayer of supplication and childbirth (birth the will of GOD), the prayer in tongues, the prayer for repentance, the prayer for advisory, the prayer of the SPIRIT (when the HOLY SPIRIT prays within us). Not to be confused with the expression prayer by the SPIRIT or prayer led by the SPIRIT (the manner and the subjects).



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