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Matt has created a Christian volunteering and employment site.

Updated: Jul 8

Guten Tag contributor to the expansion of the Kingdom! Be a channel of blessings in your sphere of influence. Last week, I met Matt. He is the husband of Patricia, and creator of the platformEngagés pour DIEU.

Ecclesiastes 10 : 9 (NIV) " Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might, for in the realm of the dead, where you are going, there is neither working nor planning nor knowledge nor wisdom."

*** Hello Matt, could you introduce yourself?

I have been a graphic designer and developer for over fifteen years. I was born into a Christian family. My parents have always been very involved in the activities of the local Church and still are today. I accepted JESUS in my youth. For nearly ten years, depending on my free time, I have been involved in one volunteer project per year, whether it is carried by a Christian organization or not. Usually, I like to act in projects in the creation phase, this is the phase that I prefer in any project.

* * * What is Engagés pour DIEU ?

Engagés pour Dieu is a platform created with the aim of distributing in a professional and standardized way job offers, internships, and voluntary missions in the French-speaking Protestant Christian world. Whether you are leading a church, movement, or Christian organization looking to complement your teams for the long term or for one-off events, Engagés pour Dieu platform provides you with the tools and resources to meet your needs. And for you who is a candidate, a volunteer or simply curious to take part in one of these missions, the platform allows you to find offers that suit your search criteria.

* * * How did you get the idea to create your platform?

I have worked for many Christian organizations in Belgium, France, and Canada. Each time it was done by intermediaries. There was not a structure that identified the needs of Christian associations in my region, to which I could have turned to offer my skills during a period of availability. Like many, I had the will and the time to get involved, but nothing was there for me to easily find where to get involved.

Over time, working for Christian projects, you quickly realize that there are real needs, innovative projects that can bless a multitude, but there are not necessarily the resources and technical skills to answer. Several organizations and websites offer long-term missions abroad. Very few offer local missions. I imagine we dream more of going very far from home than go near. It's respectable. Yet one can be a missionary in a local place. For example, the Christian library down the street, which is looking for a volunteer or a part-time job to ensure permanence.

* * * Another reason, in my opinion, is that many people believe that there is only within a local church or international organization we can serve GOD. How did you get started?

At the beginning of 2020, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, I found myself on a professional hiatus for several months. I had free time, I wasn't involved in a specific project, I told myself that it was the right time to work on this project that kept coming back to me. For a month, I spoke with different Christian leaders everywhere in the Francophonie, they too were more available than usual because of the lockdowns, I sent questionnaires to different organizations, to find out their needs, their expectations, their reluctance, and test my idea. I wanted confirmation that this project would meet a real need. The feedback and discussions being positive, I went further in development and programmed several features. I presented and shared a demo to different leaders who supported me on this project. With their advice, I improved, corrected, and completed the development of an operational version scheduled for launch in early 2021.

* * * Wow, almost a year of ripening.

Yes, but in the meantime, I have resumed my professional activity partially, then full time. On the other hand, this large-scale project requires other skills, such as communication, in order to make this platform known to both organizations and Christian candidates. This step is just as important, and it begins now. It's a real challenge, but it also makes it possible to initiate partnerships with leaders or creatives who already have a certain audience and are keen to make this platform known. Frankly, it is a project of magnitude, but whatever happens, I am grateful to the LORD for this experience.

*** I know you are a member of a local church. However, no affiliation is mentioned on the site. Why?

The platform is not yet affiliated with any church network for several reasons. In the beginning, I wanted to collaborate with several organizations. Unfortunately, not all of them were willing to work on interdenominational projects. On the other hand, the platform acts in several French-speaking countries, so affiliation with a very local network of churches would not be very relevant. Today in hindsight, I realize that GOD willed it this way. Sometimes you have to accept that certain doors are closed to be effective in other ways, and create bridges between structures that are currently less in dialogue with each other. Let’s just keep in mind who we are doing these things for.

*** Who is the platform for?

The platform Engagés pour Dieu (Engaged for GOD) is intended for churches, movements, or Protestant Christian organizations in the French-speaking world, all denominations. It acts as a neutral intermediary between the organizations and the candidates by distributing the offers which are published thereafter control. The creation of an organization account is free. Applicants can create email alerts and apply without creating an account.

*** Your advice for those who want to start projects?

My first tip is to take the necessary time to analyze and test an idea or a vision before you start. Take time at the beginning, so as not to waste it later. This is not the most fun phase, you can have the impression of not moving forward, of postponing your project. But very clearly if I hadn't had some advice, and had gone headlong with just my original idea, this website wouldn't be what it is today. I sent out questionnaires and analyzed the reviews. My own experience would not have been enough. I was missing the keys, the suggestions that I received while taking the time to exchange with others. Then you have to have a longer-term vision. It allows you to anticipate and make better strategic choices. I have the answers to questions today because six months ago I took the time to ask myself the right questions.

*** For what quality do you give special thanks to GOD for your wife?

She takes a critical and objective look at what I do. We are complementary and both have a creative mind in different skill spheres. As a couple, we have to support each other. But she's not going to tell me what I would like to hear just to please me and move on. Her gaze allows me to do things better. She pushes me to persevere and to do things well.

*** What's the last book you read?

The excellent book Zones Grises, by Jean-Philippe Beaudry. It contains many avenues and keys to sorting out our own will and that of GOD for our lives. I really recommend this book to anyone with a desire to serve and who wants to make sure things are done in the right order and for the right reasons.

Thanks, Matt. Thank you for your availability and your frankness. Glory to the LORD who inspired you and blessed be, your wife for her support. I am very edified by this exchange. We should: test, anticipate, and then choose. Choose today while being aware of tomorrow. GOD bless you.

To submit or discover offers, go to :

LinkedIn @EngagéspourDieu



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