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Prayer walks: you can start today.

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

Bonzour brother of JESUS! Mirë dita daughter of GOD! Blessed be your day and answered be your prayers. May every voice that rises in judgment or curse against your life, your enterprises or your house be struck down and silenced. May goodness open doors for you and wisdom give you treasures. May GOD do with you new things, which have not yet been seen and not yet been heard.

One who speaks in a tongue edifies himself; but one who prophesies edifies the church (1 Corinthians 14:4)

Prayer walks (or walking prayer) are times when one or more people pray while walking. Many people think that they are exclusively dedicated to intercession and are convinced that they are reserved for the "Most Spiritual" people, 🙂 such as GOD's servants, those called to ministry, and intercessors. Prayer walks are not exclusively for intercession, preparation of evangelistic campaigns or church planting. Just as there are many types of prayer, there are many types of prayer walks. You can walk praying for yourself, any issue or person that is important to you. I enjoy group prayer walks, but I enjoy my personal prayer walks just as much, if not more.

The first time I went on a prayer walk alone was 2019. I was looking for a new place to live. I was getting tired of unsuccessful visits. One Friday night, the HOLY SPIRIT advised me to walk while praying in tongues from 5am to 7am two Saturdays in a row. The next day I put on a sweatshirt, jeans and a pair of sneakers. At exactly 5 a.m. I went out with my smartphone, headphones and a bottle of water in my bag. I did the same the following Saturday. Two months later, I moved into my new home, a beautiful apartment with a great balcony and a parking space, in a residence with two elevators. In the Chinese countryside, Christians pray at dawn in the fields while walking. I was recently listening to the testimony of a former Muslim Christian who, to avoid persecution, prays and reads his bible in his parents' field. In September, I made a commitment to schedule a prayer walk at least once a month for the next twelve months. So far I have kept my commitment. If GOD can do it with me, He can do it with you too. He is already doing this with millions of people around the world.

There is a beginning to everything and good habits are no exception to this principle. You can sporadically walk around praying in tongues for an hour or two. But if you want to make a habit of it, you will have to recognize and celebrate weak (small) beginnings (Zechariah 4:10).

You can start by listening to the audio bible, teachings, praises and prayers during your travels. As far as prayer times are concerned, I prefer those combining prayers in intelligence and prayers in tongues or prayers based on Bible verses. Praying while leaving your house is a start. How about leaving home 15 minutes early to get to work, school, practice or the gym? How about getting off the bus two stops before? You could ask your family, friends or home group to join you. If you're alone, that's okay, the HOLY SPIRIT is with you. He will guide you 🙂 Pray in tongues and walk. It's not complicated to pray while walking, you just have to start.

However, I want to warn you about three things:

  • Absolutely want to walk in a "strategic" place at a "strategic" time.

  • Doing "prophetic" actions without understanding their meaning, their implication, even worse without being led by GOD.

  • Engage in a fight without GOD.

🙂 Not surprisingly the sons and daughters of the Teachers say "Amen", those of the Pastors are neutral, those of the Evangelists and Prophets disagree while those of the Apostles wait for explanations to make up their minds.

The question is not whether or not there are "strategic hours" for a type of prayer. The question is whether or not you are being led by the HOLY SPIRIT. If there is a curfew in your city, respect it. If it is forbidden to walk at certain times in a certain neighborhood or near certain places (parliament, presidential palace, etc.) respect the instructions. If you are alone, I strongly advise you not to engage in a prayer walk between 10pm and 4am. If GOD does not ask you to blow the shofar, pour oil or declare words against satanic rulers, authorities and principalities, do not do it (Ephesians 6:12). If you also choose to have sex outside of marriage (in the biblical sense) or if you don't pay your taxes, then really don't do it. Do not repeat the mistake of the sons of Sheva (Acts 19:14). Just because others do it, doesn't mean you have to do it. They do it because GOD told them to. Do not take on a mission that GOD has not given you. William Joseph Seymour (1870 -1922), Derek Prince (1915 - 2003), Rees Howel (1879 -1950) and his son Samuel Rees Howells (1912 - 2004), led intercessory movements with international impact. I have read and still reading their books. Nowhere is it written that they rang the shofar and poured the oil in places. There were times when they did prophetic actions, but it was not blowing the shofar or pouring oil on buildings. Again, just because others do it, doesn't mean you have to do it. They do it because GOD told them to. Do not take on a mission that GOD has not given you.

I believe that we must learn to praise, worship, and speak words of blessing before we learn to fight in prayer. The reign of GOD manifested in your life, your family, your territory is worth more than a victory over the devil and his allies. The Grace of GOD will always be enough for you to do what He asks you to do at a specific time.

The benefits of walking and sport in general are well known. He who prays in tongues builds himself up (1 Corinthians 14:4). Walking while praying in tongues is therefore doubly beneficial. It is not complicated to pray in tongues while walking, you just have to start. Challenge yourself and the HOLY SPIRIT will lead you. Don't wait for big occasions to pray. Who knows what GOD will do through you and how many people you will inspire? Remember, sometimes it takes a little to inspire.

To recognize JESUS as SAVIOR and LORD is not adhering to a religion, but committing to a lifestyle. If persecution, a state of war, or a handicap prevents you from going on a prayer walk, do not feel guilty. GOD sees your heart and knows your situation.

** Bonzour = Good morning en Bigourdan (France)

** Mirë dita = Good morning in Albanian


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