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Spirit and Soul: the beginning

Kalimèra the one who listens to GOD! Chào em the one who obeys GOD! May your ears hear the decrees of heaven and the songs of the angels. May your eyes see the miracles, may your feet cross the desert and stand on the land He has promised you. May He train your hands in battle and lift you above your adversaries. Praise the LORD! Oh, cheer! Cheer! Cheer and publish (Isaiah 4321)! Today begins a new time! He says "you are the apple of My eye (Zechariah 2:8), a vessel that I fill and keep for multitudes. No one, absolutely no one will steal your harp!"

  1. In the beginning the spirit

  2. My interpretation of Genesis 2:7

" Now may the GOD of peace Himself sanctify you completely; and may your whole spirit [Pneuma, strong n°4151, Greek], soul [Psuche, strong n°5590, Greek], and body [Soma, strong n°5590, Greek], be preserved blameless at the coming of our LORD JESUS CHRIST."

(1 Thessaloniciens 5:23, NKJV)

" Then God said, “Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness... So GOD created man in His own image; in the image of GOD He created [bara, strong n°1254, hebrew] him; male and female He created them."

(Genesis1:26, NKJV)

" And the LORD GOD formed [yatsar, Strong n° 3335, Hebrew] man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath [neshamah strong n°5397, hébreu] of life; and man became a living being [nephesh, strong n° 5315, hebrew].

(Genesis 2:7, NKJV)

" But there is a spirit [ruwach, strong n°7307, hebrew]in man, And the breath [neshamah strong n°5397, hebrew] of the Almighty gives him understanding."

Job 32:8, NKJV

" And so it is written, “The first man Adam became a living [Zao, Strong n°2198, Greek] being [psuche, Strong n° 5590, Grec] .The last Adam became a life-giving spirit [zoopoieo, Strong n° 2227, Grec].

(1 Corinthiens 15:45).

1. In the beginning the spirit

GOD created spirits (Genesis 1:26-27), then He designed (made, formed, fashioned) bodies (Genesis 2:7) and finally, He gave souls. When He blessed us and gave us dominion over the earth (Genesis 1:26-28), He was addressing our spirits. Adam did not yet have a body, in other words, he was not yet on earth. GOD said to the prophet Jeremiah, "Before I formed you [yatsar, Strong n°3335, Hebrew] in your mother's womb, I knew you, and before you came out of her womb, I had consecrated you, I had appointed you Prophet of the nations." (Jeremiah 1:5). Who did GOD consecrate and appoint as a Prophet? The answer: the spirit of Jeremiah.

=> Job said " But in reality, in man, it is the Spirit [ruwach, strong n°7307, Hebrew], the breath [neshamah strong n°5397, Hebrew] of the ALMIGHTY that gives the ability to understand." (Job 32:8, SG21)

David said " Into Your hand I commit my spirit [ruwach, strong n°7307, hebrew]; You have redeemed me, O LORD GOD of truth." (Psalm 31:5, NKJV)

  • Il also said " You hide Your face, they are troubled; You take away their breath [ruwach, strong n°7307, Hebrew], they die and return to their dust. You send forth Your Spirit [ruwach, strong n°7307, Hebrew], they are created; And You renew the face of the earth." (Psalm 104: 29-30, NKJV)

  • Ecclesiastes said (Ecclesiastes12:7, NKJV) " Then the dust will return to the earth as it was, And the spirit [ruwach, strong n°7307, Hebrew] will return to GOD who gave it."

🙂 Before dying JESUS said " Father,‘into Your hands I commit My spirit [Pneuma, strong n°4151, Greek].’”Having said this, He breathed His last." (Luke 23:46)

  • The Apostle Paul said " But if I live in the flesh, this is the fruit of my labour: yet what I shall choose I wot not. For I am in a strait betwixt two, having a desire to depart, and to be with CHRIST; which is far better: Nevertheless to abide in the flesh is more needful for you." (Philippians 1:22-24, KJV).

  • The Apostle James said, "For as the body without the spirit [Pneuma, strong n°4151, Greek], is dead, so faith without works is dead also." (James 2:26, NKJV).

We are born spiritually (we are created) when GOD "sends his spirit" because we came out of Him. He created us from Himself. Before dying, JESUS surrendered his spirit and not his soul into the hands of the FATHER (Luke 23:46). He thus confirmed David's words in Psalm 31, verse 6. In the spirit is wisdom and in the soul is understanding. The " breath of the Almighty " to which Job refers (Job 32:8) is the " breath of life " referred to by Moses in Genesis 2:7. The spirit "returns" to the LORD at death, as in the beginning the spirit was with the LORD (Luke 23:46, Philippians 1:19, Ecclesiastes 12:7, Psalm 31:6). Through the Apostle James, the HOLY SPIRIT tells us that the body without the spirit is dead (James 2:26). So life begins in the spirit and not the soul.

🙂 JESUS said, "Believe me that I am in the Father, and the Father in me: or else believe me for the very works' sake." (John 14:11, KJV) Which part of JESUS is in the FATHER and which part of the FATHER is in JESUS if not the spirit? It is not his body, for JESUS gave his body and not the body of his FATHER. It is not his soul, because the FATHER and the SON are two distinct persons. In my article JESUS, my Truth, I wrote that the SON is GOD for before Abraham was, He is (John 8:58, Colossians 1:17). This SON called "the Word (logos) of GOD " (Revelation 19:13), is the one in whom all the will of GOD is found. The FATHER being one with the SON (John 10:30), the SON is, therefore, spirit just like the FATHER and the HOLY SPIRIT. A body was formed to the Word, the SON, so that he could sit among men and be the way by which they receive Salvation: his Life. JESUS is the name that was given to Him (Luke 1:30-35).

In other words ⇒ The FATHER's Son is the Word of GOD; ⇒ the FATHER is spirit, the SON is, therefore also spirit. ⇒ The FATHER is eternally alive, the SON is, also, eternally alive. ⇒ To save Men, the SON needed a body. ⇒ To sit among Men, the SON needed a body. ⇒ When a body was formed for the SON, the name JESUS was given to the SON. JESUS is the name by which he [the SON] revealed himself to Men. He could have chosen another name. JESUS existed long before the HOLY SPIRIT conceived his physical body. He said Himself, "Truly, truly, I say to you, before Abraham was, I am." He said "I am", he didn't say "a part of me is", thus emphasizing that in the beginning, He is spirit and ONE with GOD the FATHER. Remember that GOD introduced Himself to Moses by saying " I AM WHO I AM " (Exodus 3:13-14). GOD exists by Himself. He is the author of creation and the creator of time. He is the LORD (Revelation 1:8, Isaiah 41:4, Isaiah 42:8, Psalms 102:13).

On my documents, my compound name is separated into two distinct names: "Simone" and "Christelle". As a teenager, I didn't like "Simone" because I thought that "Simone" meant "unstable". In reality, in Hebrew "Simone" means "who listens, who hears, who is answered by GOD". In one of his books, Derek Prince (1915-2003) wrote that the name "Simon" also means "He who hears GOD". On my fifteenth birthday, GOD the FATHER said to me, "I love each of your names. I have no problem calling you "Simone" but, in my mind, you don't have two names but one compound name, your name is Simone-Christelle". However, when someone calls me "Simone", "Christelle", "Simone-Christelle" or "Simtelle" I answer. To come back to JESUS, whether you say "JESUS", "JESUS-CHRIST", "MESSIAH", "CHRIST" or "The Word (logos) of GOD", what matters is the revelation that you have about Him (the awareness of who He is).

2. My interpretation of Genesis 2:7

"Nephesh" (strong n°5315) is a polysemous word (a word with several meanings). Translating among others "living", "living being", "breath of life", "soul", "that which breathes", "Man himself", "the seat of emotions and feelings", "individual" etc. (Source Bible dictionaries: Strong, Westphal, King James and Amplified Bible). In Genesis 2:7, more often it is translated as "soul ". A "living being" is a creature whose existence is real, or an organism that was born, grows, and will die. This is exactly what we are on earth. Our bodies are born, develop and die. The soul is created from the conception of our bodies in the womb. It develops, will fall asleep, or die according to the environments and choices we make. Animals and plants are also living beings.

It is in the soul that the personality of each person is found (temperament + character). The soul is composed of understanding (intelligence), will, preferences, and feelings. The presence of the soul inside the body keeps the body alive. When the soul is removed, the body dies. Machines may for a short time keep the body alive, but inevitably all the organs will cease to function and putrefaction (decay with rot) will follow. The relationship between the respiratory system and the blood circulatory system is a very good illustration to understand the relationship between the spirit and the soul.

➡️ The respiratory system represents the functions of the mind and the blood system represents the functions of the soul.

🔃 The respiratory system includes the organs that allow for the inhalation and exhalation of air for the purpose of supplying oxygen to the body and removing carbon dioxide. The blood system provides transportation, internal exchange of resources (oxygen and nutrients), and collection of waste products (carbon dioxide).

⤴️ The spirit brings the breath and the soul diffuses the breath into the body through the blood.

🙂 Here is my interpretation of Genesis 2:7: "The LORD GOD formed the physical body of man from the dust of the ground. Then by blowing into the nostrils of this body, He introduced inside, the spirit of Man that He had previously created (Genesis 1:26). Then He created the soul and introduced it into the body of Man. It was then that the creation of man was complete. Man who was then only a spirit became a living being on earth."

I want to emphasize a point often misunderstood by some. The soul is not self-created and the soul is not the fruit of coincidence. We are fully created beings by GOD. GOD can restore my soul (Psalm 23:3) because He is the one who created it. The personality, temperament (introverted: phlegmatic, melancholy; extroverted: angry, sanguine) is in the soul. GOD gave the soul and He chose the temperament of each one. Eve, for example, had a phlegmatic temperament (blue color of the DISC. model), just like Moses and the Apostle Luke. Man's spirit did not create his soul. If we say that the soul is created by the spirit, then how do we explain that animals, although they are not spirits, have a soul (Genesis 9:4; Leviticus 17:10-14)? To say that the spirit created the soul would be like saying that Man is partly created himself, that would be a lie. Obviously, the soul is not created by the body. The body is physical, the soul psychic. GOD sanctifies us "whole," our whole being, spirit, soul, and body (1 Thessalonians 5:23, KJV). He has not delegated to the spirit (nor to the body), the responsibility to sanctify the soul Again, we are entirely created by GOD.

** Chào em = Good morning in Vietnamese

** Kalimèra = Good morning in Greek

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